The ONE secret that helps your content stretch further.

You know content is the new black for a stellar brand and business growth.

You get that your content has to nail what makes you different, better, or more interesting—and how you help—so your dream clients feel confident you’re a pro who gets results.

And you know the best big brands are pumping out high-end original stuff daily (which means you’re up against the same expectation).

Except you don’t have big-brand resources. But you do have a business to run. Overwhelmed and exhausted is an understatement.

If you’re struggling to create enough content, publishing things that feel a bit ‘off’ or are sick of reinventing the wheel each time you write, here is the ONE behind-the-scenes secret that helps your content stretch further—and work harder.

A brand messaging platform.

This is a cohesive, ‘go-to’ reference guide for all communication and marketing about your business that can solve the crazy-making copy creation—and re-creation—you’re doing (and the confusion and lack of confidence this creates for your audience).

Built around your point-of-difference—the big idea that expresses what makes you different and desirable—this platform outlines your core brand messages (and the proof that backs them up) that embody who you are and what you stand for; what makes you special; how to work with you; and the results you get. (Your overall brand story, in other words.)

All these messages are strategically selected to support your business goals, and crafted in your brand voice and through the eyes of your audience. (So the focus is ‘what’s in it for them’ not the bells and whistles of your product or process.)

Think of it as a central palette of pre-prepared messaging you can pull from to create compelling, consistent content at a moment’s notice.

So instead of racking your brain for the best way to convey your genius in your latest email to your list, blog post or proposal, you can cut, paste and weave through the precise messages and copy that resonate with your topic, reflect your innate style, set your brand apart and most importantly—make your audience sit up and take notice. (It’s also a great idea to share your brand messaging platform with your team, agencies and anyone who’s creating content on your behalf so you’re all on the same track.)

If you’re thinking, all this sounds great but secretly wondering whether you’re going to sound like a repetitive robot—I totally get it. (And the answer’s no, by the way!)

The cool thing about a messaging platform is it allows you to take a ‘pick and mix’ approach.

You’re not heavily seasoning different pieces of content with huge chunks of the exact same copy.

It’s more about selecting messages that relate to what you’re writing, speaking or filming and sprinkling them through. And they’re all written to sound natural and like you, so the overall impact is that of a breadth of content that is distinguishable but belongs to the same brand family.

I’ve worked with lots of entrepreneurs, small businesses and Fortune 500s who swear by their brand messaging platform because of the results it got them. (I’m thinking of one client in particular who completely elevated their brand and attracted strategic partnerships and big-budget projects because they came across as industry experts.)

Taking your brand and business to the next level like this is a common outcome. When your brand story is consistent and makes an undeniable business case—confidence, trust and dream clients aren’t far behind.

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