Peripheral vision for your brand.

Four things:

  1. Look both ways: Inward at your business. Outward at your landscape. Not just your industry and direct competitors but other players from other places too.
  2. Look at now and next: What’s happening real-time. What’s anticipated for the future. What does the data say? What does instinct? What can you do to sync to the shifting market?
  3. Focus in on your purpose and POV: What do you do and why? What are the words you consistently use to describe that? Which ones really nail it?
  4. Fine-tune and frame: Brainstorm a bunch of other words and phrases to do with your purpose and point-of-view. Chuck the ordinary ones. Think distinctive, memorable, PRECISE. Make a short list. Weave these here and there into everything you share and say. 

Framing your brand lightly like this helps you keep things cohesive (and adapt on the fly).