Why strategy isn't the enemy of execution.

When crisis hits or they’re facing massive change, here’s what I’ve seen businesses and brands do...

  1. Throw out the strategy altogether and try all sorts of scattergun tactics, frantically switching tack before they get any real results.

  2. Nitpick the existing strategy, tweaking it here and there but without making the major changes (and decisions) that are going to make a difference.

  3. Stick their heads in the sand!

Freeze or flight. Short-term wins over long-term gain. It’s understandable. As humans, we don’t like discomfort or being ‘on the way.’ (I know I don’t!) Ambiguity is hard to quantify (and can be harder to justify). We want to BE THERE, already!

But even in a dynamic landscape where we need to be nimble, we need a plan and a foundation for what a brand stands for and how it behaves in the world. Strategy’s getting a bad rap these days in some circles for ‘slowing things down.’ But it isn’t the enemy. A good strategy shows you how to stay focused AND be flexible.

What do you think? Do you agree?