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Everything you wanted to know about branding your small business but were afraid to ask. (Part two.)

Ever get hung-up on the stuff you don’t know about branding but think you ‘should?’

If you have questions that keep you spinning rather than sprinting, this post on the treasure trove of branding—part two in our series—is for you.


How to immediately become a more productive brand marketer.

Your brand marketing budget means you only have so much time and money to create stuff or pay other people to do it for you. And while you (hopefully) know quality trumps quantity—you also know there’s got to be a certain volume of content if you want your brand to stay visible.

Read on, for the one thing you want to do.

How we have relevance wrong.

Relevance is a word bandied about a lot these days in conversations about brand and content.

I think we overcomplicate it sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. To get customers and sales and scale, we must resonate with those we’re talking to. There’s got to be simpatico between what we’re putting out and what our audiences want to hear, learn and buy. But I think it has less to do with page views, products or services...