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The big difference between building a business and building a brand.

There’s a lot of conversation about building a business and building a brand like they’re one and the same. And while these guys are married—joined at the hip even—they’re also two very different creatures. 

Here's why, and what you want to do first.

Everything you wanted to know about branding your small business but were afraid to ask. (Part two.)

Ever get hung-up on the stuff you don’t know about branding but think you ‘should?’

If you have questions that keep you spinning rather than sprinting, this post on the treasure trove of branding—part two in our series—is for you.


Why personal branding is so hot right now.

In life, in business—more of us want what’s real and full-flavored, and less mass-produced, factory-fed B.S. Fewer quick fixes and hyped-up sales funnels. We’re craving trust, a personal connection and stuff that leaves a good taste in our mouths. Literally and metaphorically. And for good reason.

Personal and crafted works.