Hi. I'm megan.

As a brand and business strategist, creative consultant and writer, I help forward-looking agencies, marketers and brand owners to define and hold their edge in a dynamic, digital world.

In today's complex landscape, I believe exceptional businesses and brands see possibility others don't. 

Untapped markets. Unexpected directions. Unmet desires.

Brilliant strategy starts there.

But seeing past the status quo—and knowing what works—can be tough when you're close to it.

With 20 years' experience spanning branding, business strategy, organizational culture, content marketing and creative for A-list agencies and brands, I’ve a unique lens on the unconventional and the classic.

(Plus, perceiving possibilities differently is in my DNA! I was born in New Zealand, and have also worked in Sydney, New York and London, which has forged new ways to see things.)

Leadership and consulting experience at Ogilvy, Coke, Bayer, Vodafone, Nestlé and many other Fortune 500 companies has given me a deep understanding of the rigors of brand research, definition and articulation for large-scale, intricate challenges.

Client-side roles and working closely with small businesses and entrepreneurs mean I’ve also had my hands in the clay, leading and crafting the integrated content and experiences that inspire people to embrace a brand. 

As a writer, my work’s been featured in leading media outlets including CBS, Forbes and The Huffington Post.

My approach is flexible, integrative, intuitive.

Multidimensional and multidisciplined.

But always relentlessly focused on fusing business ambition, brand strategy and creative expression in unexpected ways.

It's how I’ve helped both blue-chips and startups to invent new brands, rethink established ones, crack some pointy challenges, change cultures—and win awards.