Is your small business solving the wrong problem?

Struggling to win business? Know you've got something good but people just aren’t buying it? Believe you're better than the others, yet not sure how to make sure people see that?

It’s a question of standing out. No doubt. But the solution may not be what you think it is.

Everything you wanted to know about branding your small business but were afraid to ask. (Part two.)

Ever get hung-up on the stuff you don’t know about branding but think you ‘should?’

If you have questions that keep you spinning rather than sprinting, this post on the treasure trove of branding—part two in our series—is for you.


How to immediately become a more productive brand marketer.

Your brand marketing budget means you only have so much time and money to create stuff or pay other people to do it for you. And while you (hopefully) know quality trumps quantity—you also know there’s got to be a certain volume of content if you want your brand to stay visible.

Read on, for the one thing you want to do.

The ONE easy way to get more people to read your content.

Big gun or little brand, while content marketing might be the new black of business—it’s also the bane of anyone who runs one. Because if you’re anything like the clients I work with, you’re too overwhelmed and close to what you do to know what to write about. (Even if you had the time or desire to!)

Luckily, there’s a simple solution.

Want a brand that gets you clients? Don’t make this mistake.

Even brands that look and sound like a million bucks can struggle to get business.

Just because you’re not yet raking in those dream prospects doesn’t mean your brand message is off. It doesn’t mean repositioning your brand was a waste of time and cash. And it doesn’t mean what you do isn’t worthy or enticing.

Most likely, it simply means you had the brand makeoverbut you didn’t invite anyone to the party.

Why personal branding is so hot right now.

In life, in business—more of us want what’s real and full-flavored, and less mass-produced, factory-fed B.S. Fewer quick fixes and hyped-up sales funnels. We’re craving trust, a personal connection and stuff that leaves a good taste in our mouths. Literally and metaphorically. And for good reason.

Personal and crafted works.